Construction of hydro and wind powers

(till June 2014)
June 2014

Until June 2014, one of our employees, who is a professional mechanical engineer, was leading a team of local staff in Afghanistan setting up a project of constructing wind and hydropower plants to generate electricity. Local Afghan workers were trained in the production and  training workshop and received practical hands-on training at the respective project sites. In close collaboration with the different villages, the teams were able to supply these remote areas with electricity.  

The initial focus was on the use of hydropower.
Despite the difficult security situation, in 2009 the team of foreigners and locals were able to construct 16 hydropower plants and 5 wind turbine systems and put them into operation. The hydropower plants are assembled by local workers and reach a high quality standard.
While working on village development, the bacterial contamination and shortage of drinking water became evident. The population got together looking for a way to deal with this issue. As the result a so-called "biosand" water filter was designed. These filters can be developed by the locals directly in the village, using natural materials that are found there. The village development  and small power plants are running mainly in the summer.
In 2012 and 2013,   the projects in Kabul and the surrounding area went very well and some more projects have been put into operation and been tested by our staff. In a different province, this employee could start with the construction of 8 hydropower projects.