An employee reports

I work in a partnering organization of Provide in management and administration. Our team consists of Chinese and colleges from all over the world. Together we work in different areas, such as cultural exchange, social aid, training and consulting.   

You have to know: I love documents. No, really! My first education I gained in a town council and bacame an administrative department manager. I love to deal with laws and regulations. At the same time I enjoy to work with technical devices, Computers and always eager to find solutions for the different Computer problems.

For a long time I wasn`t sure, how such a job, these gifts and hobbies could be profitable overseas. Doctors, nurses and teachers are much better qualified for such a job, I thought. Today, couple years later I know that people like me are very much needed overseas. I have many different responsibilities here, as a manager I take care of the finances,but also am involved with different administrative matters. Again I am busy with  documents and laws! Reliable Computer- and Internetsystems are also part of my job description as they are very vital in our work here.

I really enjoy my work, because I know, it helps my colleges who do their best to help the local people here in many ways. Thank you very much for your support that makes our work here possible.