From our worker in Siberia:

Make a difference in the life of individuals:

Some time ago we were contacted by a family, whose son John (21) was loosing his eye sight. He was a student at the local university, but his dicreasing vision made was a big challenge. He had seen different specilists, was looking for help in Moscow, but the diagnosis he got was disturbing: the doctors couldnt help him, they had no hope and John would be totally blind in just a couple years down the road. The young man fell into depression, was suffering from extreme headaches and had no motivation to go on.

The family had heard about good spezialists in Germany and contacted us, to please organize an appointment at a special clinic for this kind of problems. We translated all his documents, searched, wrote to different clinics, asked friends in Germany for help. So one couple, who had experience in this area became a huge help. They contacted a couple Professors, who werent willing or able to help. But our friends didnt give up, and sure enough an appointment was set up for John to be checked at a specialized clinic in the south of Germany.

Still a lot of work was to be done. Together with Johns family we discussed who would escort him, where they would stay and who would translate for them, while in Germany. The university, John was studying at, was willing to help finance this trip.

... The trip went very well. John was really encouraged, that the researches in his particular problem are taking a good course. He was assured, that he would not loose sight completely and it is well possible, that a couple years down the road he will be able to get a surgery done to improve his vision. He also came back with special eye glasses, that enormously decreased his headaches. A proving sign, that John was hopefull now was, that he proposed to his girlfriend and got married shortly after his trip to Germany.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to help this family and till today we are in close relationship with this family. It also shows us, that we are a much bigger team out here, because without the help of our friends in Germany we wouldnt have been able to get this all done.

We are a big team and together we can make a difference in this world - especially for individuals.