Rehabilitation center

One of our employees tells the following:

A couple years ago I met a social worker from a different organisation. We chatted about our intercultural experiences and she told me about her work in Indonesia. We stayed in contact. Since she knew of my professional qualifications, I soon received an invitation... and some time later here I was, after learning the language, working my first day at the rehab center.

The rehab is a closed in institution, that welcomes people from different difficult social backgrounds and who are wounded mentally and emotionally. Many of them come out of circumstances, where they have been abused in one way or the other and now struggle with addiction. Others have "simply" a physical disability. Psychiatric disorder, such as schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, dissociative identity disorder, etc., are problems, other rehab patients are dealing with. Most of them have no connection to their families, as they don`t know how to deal with them. 17 ladies live in the house on campus and 25 men live in a house in the neighborhood. 

I love working at the rehab center. Until now I was responsible for the fitness sport activities in the early morning. This is the only time when the patients can be a little active. Later on I counsel different patients, meeting with them one on one under a tree on campus, since there are no rooms provided for this. 

My goal and desire is to equip local, Indonesian personnel to council and support these people.