Reconstruction of three student dormitories for students with disabilities

June 2018

We are very grateful that many donors helped us to rebuild earthquake-damaged student residences for students with disabilities. We are pleased that the Mahendra Jyoti and Bhawani Secondary Schools have recently been completed.
For the third school (Bindabasini Secondary School) in Gorkha some adjustments, redesigns and approval procedures had to be carried out. Now work on this Bindabasani school is in full swing and will be completed in the next half of our fiscal year 2018 - 2019.
Currently, the handover plan for the newly built Mahendra Jyoti and Bhawani schools for students with disabilities is being prepared to be given over to the children who go to school there.

Furnishing of student dormitories

It wasn’t planned at first, to get new furniture for the house. However, now it was decided, that the existing furniture is too old, worn and broken, to continue to be used. In addition, not enough furniture was available. The children deserve our best, which we would like to provide for them. Thanks to our donors, they will now be able to live in a new, earthquake-proof hostel.

At this point, we would be very happy if we could find more supporters to help us equip the new homes with the necessary furniture.

The children would also be very happy. We estimate that we need around 8000 € for all three schools to buy the furniture listed below. This will cover the furniture of the classroom, kitchen and living room, thus making everyday life easier for students. Below you will find up-to-date photos of the rooms and furniture that the students currently inhabit at transitional homes since the earthquake. As soon as new furniture can be obtained, the students will move. They are really looking forward to it.

You or your company would like to help?

We appreciate any financial contribution that helps us to purchase the furniture for the above mentioned schools. Provide e.V. is financed exclusively by donations and does not generate any profits. Provide e.V. is a non-profit organization and automatically issues donation receipts at the beginning of the following year, but also immediately, on request.

You can find our account number for your donation here. In the purpose of use, please mention: "P4502 Furnishing of Schools Nepal" and do not forget to enter your address for the donation receipt. We appreciate your help. Thank you very much!