Every person has an unimaginable potential of insights and abilities, skills and talents, relationships and gifts. Everyone also  has his own skills and professional experience, as well as material resources and expertise. These are entrusted goods. At the same time every gift carries a responsibility to be shared with others, so people may be enriched and build up through them.


We want to...

  • Use the resources

    Through their relationships and knowledge, professionals gather information, give advice  and promote sustainable development strategies.
  • Understand each other

  Recognize and understand the cultural elements in the given  context.

  • Learn from each other

          Development never should be a one-way road from East to West or North to South. People learn from each other    and give to each other. Our community is also being enriched through other nations and their cultural treasures.  

  • Share with others

           Employees get involved in selfless service to others and strive to ease the distress of people around them

  • Be passionate and committed

           Our team is passionate about  comprehensive development.