Educate expectant mothers - make medical help possible

March 2016

Solar panel systems for maternity centers

Sarita has bad stomach ache and asks her mother for advice. When the pain doesn`t lessen, she goes to the local medical station. There she is told, if she wants to keep her baby, she should immediately go to a clinic, about 3 hours away. Shortly after, Sarita went unconscious. Despite the immediate medical help, the personal couldn`t save her life.

Najira gives birth to twins - two baby daughters. Due to their low birth weight and lack of intensive care facilities at the local health department in Dang, she is advised to transfer to a private hospital about three hours away by car. Despite being offered some financial support, Najira's family couldn`t afford to bring their children into the neonatal ward. Unfortunately, both babies died within a few hours. Najira and her family had no knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and the care of infants.

Nepal has a very high rate of illness and death among babies in the first few months after birth. Different teams of our partner organization teach expectant mothers about pregnancy, childbirth, healthy eating and the care of newborns. At the same time, three maternal and child health centers are being built in remote areas of Dang Province to provide mothers with quick and yet professional help and support. Through these training sessions and the construction of the three centers, such problems can be reduced and overcome.

Provide eV. is supporting the construction of 3 solar panel systems at the maternal and child health centers in remote areas of Dang Province. These solar systems ensure an uninterruptible power supply day and night.